Pro Edition v4.9

STEP 1: Initial Setup and Configuration
Once the application has successfully connected to the mySQL database for this site, it will create a configuration file that will allow the application to operate from this website. This is a one-time setup operation and will not be required again.

Web Server Information:

Server IP Address:

Type the URL used to access this website's homepage:

Full HTML Document Root Path:

Default Administrator Login (i.e., to manage website):

MySQL Database Information:

Server Location:

Database Name:

Database Username:

Database Password:

Optional Configuration Steps:
Domain & Feature Licensing:  
Configure feature settings and generate a server, leased, or lifetime license for this domain. This should not be necessary if you purchased a single website license, or have already generated a license through the Soholaunch Partner Area, or if you don't intend to enable more than the basic set of features. In general, if you don't already know what this option does, then you probably don't have to worry about it.